Guard the trust: Lessons for young ministers

via 4thglryofgod from Flickr

Our pastor has been preaching from 1 Timothy the past few weeks.  See, I pay attention.


The sermon series is called Servant Leadership.

I always get excited when pastors preach on Servant Leadership versus dictatorship.

It’s refreshing.

Anyway, today, he was preaching about preaching the Gospel and not yielding to false doctrines. Don’t you just love those words, “false doctrines.”

It is and was a real problem for First Century Christians, especially for the Apostle Paul.

To Timothy my true son in the faith:  Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. 1 Timothy 1:2

That is one amazing line, “my true son in the faith.”

While he was going over that passage it reminded me of the song by Steve Camp, Guard the Trust. It was a song I latched on to when in college as I did some of Camp’s other songs. He was never extremely popular like another Christian singer with the name of Steve, but I liked his songs because they were crafted in the heart of one who was very serious about his Bible.

I heard the song in my mind while Mark was preaching, and it reminded me of that time, college. Maybe I was a little more serious about things, maybe I just hadn’t been jaded by life and seen my share of things go wrong. I don’t know, but I had a little more spunk.

Guard the Trust
lyrics by Steve Camp

O my dear Timothy, hold on to the faith
Keep your conscience pure and holy
Fight the good fight every day
Don’t give in to myths and fables
train yourself for godliness

You’ve got to… be an example in your youth
You’ve got to… be faithful to the truth
You’ve got to… watch your life and doctrine closely
It’ll save you and those who hear it too

Guard the trust
You’ve got to guard the trust
Hold on to the faithful word
this you must
You got to guard the trust
Guard the trust
Through the Spirit Who dwells in you
Guard the trust