college football

I’m really getting fired up for college football!

college football

Strange isn’t it.

I mean, a guy who lives in the South, played football once (I think) and loves football. I mean, really?

Yes and yes!

I was cutting the grass the other day, because, that’s what I do on most Saturdays these days, and the smell of grass made me think of football.

College football, with high school football a close second, is one of the best displays of football (the American kind) there is to date. There is nothing better than watching college football on Saturdays!

There might be something better, but, you catch the hyperbole, no?

This year, I think, I hope I can be just a fan, just enjoy football. We have two colleges in town that play football, UCA (University of Central Arkansas) and Hendrix. My plan, goal, is to attend a game of each.

I will try watch my other favorite teams too: Arkansas, TCU and Arkansas State.  I howl for all of them!

My favorite college football magazine, Phil Steele, thinks that TCU will be much improved, and I hope he’s right. Arkansas will probably limp along in its second year under new coach Bret Bielema, but hey, we might catch a couple of upsets. Arkansas State is entering its fourth straight year with a new head coach. The other three went pretty well, so, you never know, right?

Not to be outdone, I found myself reading the latest issue of Stewart Mande’ls Mailbag.

I probably won’t follow college football as closely as I did when I wrote articles for Pegasus News in Dallas (now Dallas News), Examiner, and my blogs Dfwfootball and, but I will keep up with it as much as I can.

My two blogs are now gone, that era has past. I’m okay with that, and I haven’t written for any other publication in a while. It would be fun to pick that up on a very part time, opinionated basis, so, I am going to keep my eyes open. However, this year, it’s all about enjoying the season.

In addition to the college football, I am hoping to catch some high school football games. So, if I am unavailable from Friday night through, say, Sunday morning, now you know why.

Fall is truly my favorite time of the year, but we have some Summer left!