Seeing the big picture

Seeing the big picture and why I am weird

Seeing the big picture
Seeing the big picture

I have this innate ability to see the big picture.

I guess I always have.

I don’t believe that I have developed this or trained for this, it just seems to be part of my personality.

I think and see things coming before they ever happen. I’m not prophetic, or some kind of futurist, I just see it. It is part of being someone who sees the big picture rather than being detailed oriented.

As a result, I think that I have often felt like a square peg in a round hole. I’m not sure exactly what that means, after all, I’m not detail oriented 😉

I started thinking about this over the weekend. Well, really the past few months.

It seems the jobs I’ve had, my situations in life, I have always supposed to just follow what someone else created, however, most of the time, I’ve felt that what was created was lacking and I could see a better or a improved way of doing things. The trouble is, I was never supposed to do that.

That has always left me frustrated and unfulfilled.

As I look back on my education system, the job system, even my early career choice, I see I was never quite created for that. I was just supposed to do what I was told, in spite of whether or not it was efficient or effective.

Now, after doing a Google search (you know, the ultimate library), I discover that persons like me are supposed to be leaders.


Leader was never really something I was I thought I should do. In school, well, leaders were popular. That wasn’t me. I mean, sure, I had friends and I wasn’t an outcast, but, you know how it is.

I always have ideas. I always come up with ideas.

Mowing the yard is dangerous because, often, I come up with some kind of idea.

So now, at this point in my life, I am trying to figure out where I fit.

Am I an entrepreneur? Do I have all of those qualities?

What is my product? My business?

These are the things I have been thinking about.

I was visiting with a business startup entrepreneur the other night and tossed some ideas about his launch party. He thought they were great ideas and have never thought of them. Maybe I am on to something.

I don’t know.

But now, I see, it is time to embrace that I am a big picture thinker.

Things like careers, job hunting, those kind of things aren’t quite the same for me.

I always wanted my work to speak for itself, but, alas, most people want you to come in and give the “right” job interview and answer their questions the “right” way. I usually don’t.

If you want someone to help you plan, help you with strategies, well, I can do that.

I’m not sure how much value that kind of skillset has with most people these days.

If you want someone who can develop a strategy for your business blog, well, I can do that.

It’s a premium services.

Give me a call.