Fire Engine Red

Fire Engine Red in 48 Hour Film Project

Fire Engine Red
Fire Engine Red

Have you heard of the 48 Hour Film Project?

It’s a contest in which filmmakers have to make a film in a span of 48 hours. There are serious restrictions on how much they can prepare for the project.

The project has contests in several cities across the world and Little Rock is one of them.

The winner of the contests get to compete at Filmapalooza. Filmapalooza is the finale.

This year, the runner ups at each city get to face off in a “last chance” type of contest. A friend of mine’s son plays the part of a little boy in Fire Engine Red which was the runner up of the Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project.

Recently I met with the cast and had a blast getting to know them. We sat down at Whole Hog Cafe in Little Rock and visited as I was gathering info for a future article on AR Scene, a new project I am working on (more on that later).

My purpose for this blog post, is to, unapologetically, ask for your vote for them. The film is truly heart warming. Members of the staff stated that the film could easily be made into one of those Holiday Hallmark films. I agree.

Watch the video (it’s seven minutes long) and then go vote for these guys.

By the way, they did win “Best Writing” at Little Rock, so that tells you the quality of the project.

Voting ends on January 19th, so check out the movie below and click the link to vote!

Fire Engine Red


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