The Evergreen Christmas Tree

How a Christmas Tree can improve your blog

If Martin Luther lived today, he would blog. The reformation preacher was always studying and teaching. He shared with his people what he learned. Luther has often been credited with the beginning of the Christmas Tree idea.

The Evergreen Christmas Tree
The Evergreen Christmas Tree

If Luther had a blog, he would have evergreen content. It would contain a series of articles on essential elements of faith. It would be well trafficked as people would come time and time again to find out what the great reformer believed, and, to learn more themselves.

The Christmas tree is an evergreen tree meaning it is always green and always fresh.

The experts in search engine optimization refer to a section of content on a blog that includes the type of articles that are always fresh and useable as evergreen content. Another name for this kind of content is cornerstone content. This is the type of content that you can build a foundation for your business blog around.

Evergreen content is extremely valuable for your blog. The following is four different benefits to have Evergreen Content on your blog.

Benefits of Evergreen Content

Always relevant

Evergreen content is always relevant. This self contained section will have the type of content that rarely needs updating. Such content will include extensive lists and how-to articles. Other types guides for tasks or using products. Really, the ideas for evergreen content can be limitless.

Long term value

Evergreen content provides long term value as readers consistently come to your website for a long period of time. Many blogs have sections that are visited over and over for several years. What’s more, it is shared by many different readers for month after month.

Steady traffic

Evergreen content provides steady traffic as people continue to seek out the info in which your keywords embedded. Essentially, this kind of content becomes a section of highly visible content for the keywords you are using, which are high traffic, will provide residual searchers for months and years to come.

Establishes you as an Expert

If your evergreen content is well researched, well communicated and provides lots of resources for readers, then it will go a long way to establishing you or your small business as an expert. Other blogs and websites will link to your evergreen content as well as refer to you as an expert. Being referred to as an expert is invaluable in terms of a small business.