Samantha Hartley: A Champion

When I moved to Conway, AR, I looked for folks to connect with who might help me find work. Three people were very helpful in finding a place to network for the purpose of finding a place to work and restart much of my business.

One of those persons was Samantha Hartley.

Samantha Hartley
Samantha Hartley

I fired up Twellow to find twitter people in Conway to follow, and Samantha was one of the top ones listed. I visited her website and was very impressed with her use of online marketing.

I sent her email not knowing if I would get a response, and much to my surprise and delight, she emailed me back. I figured that she was a busy business woman and I might not get much time to visit with her, but she said she would be happy to meet with me.

I visited her at the local Starbucks, and what I found was a very smart, articulate lady who is the smartest person I know when it comes to marketing.

I call her a “marketing guru.”

Her background is exemplary, and she is very successful in advising companies of all sizes in their marketing strategy.

She is not just a very smart business woman who is very successful, but she is extremely giving. She was willing to help a stranger who relocated to Conway find his way in this community. She is interested in serving her clients while remaining true to her values.

If your business is struggling with its marketing message, I would encourage you to give Samantha a call. Her company, Enlightened Marketing, is worth the investment.

How do we get in touch with Samantha?

Twitter: @samanthahartley
Facebook:  Samantha