Relationships for Business

Do you think relationships matter when it comes to business?  I do.

Consider this.  I just drove past one auto parts store to go to another one in a part of town I rarely shop.  Why?

A guy I have met from the gym works there.  That’s it!

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Cedric is a body builder/trainer who works out the gym where I am a member.  He is a great guy.  I tease him about almost being as “buff” as I am.  He laughs, or pretends to.  He’s always smiling, except when he’s lifting weights.  Then, he’s serious.

Funny thing is, Cedric was off.  He wasn’t even in the store, but that’s why I went.  The guy who helped me was the manager and he was super nice.

The next time you are thinking about whether or not to cultivate a relationship, go ahead!  I give you permission.  Don’t worry a lot about making the “fast buck.”  Develop a friendship and you have a friend.  You never know where that will lead.  Of course there are people who won’t care, but you don’t really want them as customers anyway because they are not loyal.

Now, by developing relationships for business, I am not talking about handing your business card in every social setting or just being plain overbearing.  Make a friend.  Friends know what other friends do for a living.  Better yet, BE a friend.  This is the very modus operandi of the book The Champion by Frank Agin and Jim Ballard.

By the way, social media is a great place to network and make new friends.  In fact, I just met a new friend from Twitter.  More about him later.