Welcome hbclife to our family

Harmony Baptist Church in Perryville, AR is a new member of our website design family.  Jim Bynum, the pastor, was a fellow college student of mine when I was at Williams Baptist College.

Jim does a great job with the church.  The little church, located a few yards from the Highway 9 and 10 junction, is growing numerically as well as in spirit.

The church boasts many activities including Celebrate Recovery which ministers to folks who struggle with “hang ups.”

Jim and his wife Cheryl are “Champions” ministering to the nice folks from that community.  The church is not flash, but they are hard working folks who “love on people.”

To that end, I designed the website reflect the grounded and hard working roots of the people at Harmony.  The website sports a green and tan color schema with a basic three column format.

Thanks to Jim, Cheryl and the fine folks at Harmony Baptist Church for being our new family members, not just a client.

Harmony Baptist Church
Harmony Baptist Church