Do you have a “virtual mentor?”

Do you have a “virtual mentor?”

Shama with her book
Shama holding a copy of her book

I’m not sure if there is such a definition.  When I looked the phrase up in Google, it seemed to apply to formal education and, especially, the medical field.

A virtual mentor, as I see it, is someone who you learn so much from that you feel like they are a mentor, however, you have never met them in person, only online.  They teach you through their blogs, books, webinars, and other means online.  You may have even communicated with them directly via comments, facebook, twitter or email.

In this rapidly changing society, and business world, these are the kind of relationships we need to cultivate.

I have several.

Shama Kabani

I have mentioned it before (“virtual mentor”) in the comments of an article about Shama.  I am not sure how, but I found her and started following her early in 2009 when she began to make a name for her self in social media marketing.  She forged many of the thoughts I have about that field.  I bought her e-book before it became a paperback version.  I have read many of her blog posts as well as watched some of her videos.

She is the biggest influence on me in the field of social media.

Chris Brogan

I subscribe to his emails.  I learn a lot from Chris.  Brogan has become an online phenom.  I learn a lot about writing and more about doing business virtually from Chris.  Sometimes, the shorter the post he writes, the more I learn.  Weird.

 Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs and Social Media Specialist
Chris Brogan

Lewis Howes

Early in the time I followed Shama, she mentioned that I might check out Lewis.  Lewis is the ultimate sports networker.  I have been introduced to folks such as Frank Agin through Lewis.  Lewis is a leader, inspiring folks to bigger and better things.  He always ends his emails with “Stay passionate.”  I will.


All of the writers at Copyblogger are mentors to me, but the voice behind the veil is Brian Clark.  Brian and his staff do a great job of educating me (and others) about copywriting online and for blogs, and especially, how to monetize your website/blog.  Now if I could follow all their advice!

Brian Gardner

I’m a website designer.  Well, sort of.  I put together websites, sometimes by bringing different parts together and creating a whole.  I am not much of a coder.  I can mess up CSS with the best of them!  Brian represents those coders who make my job easier by creating robust, feature-rich themes to use on WordPress, my platform of choice.  My flagship website, dfwfootball, uses one of Brian’s themes from StudioPress.

Photo Source: bobby-james