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Chris Brogan challenged many of us to handle Follow Friday different on twitter, and so I have decided to do just that.  With his suggestion, I have created a post mentioning my Follow Friday folks telling a little bit why someone should follow them. Logo

You will have to bear with me here as I have a variety of interests that range from professional wrestling, to sports, to social media, to web design and many others.

@kaseyjohns–Casey is a talented website designer from San Marcos, TX and he handles promotions and the website for the Austin Turfcats, an arena football team.  I actually got to meet him when he came to North Little Rock with his team to play the Arkansas Diamonds where I was working.  Check out the Tufcats’ website.

@slims_conway–Did I forget to tell you?  I like food!  Slims has pretty good chicken in Conway, AR where I live.  They actually have several locations, so you can find one near you at their website.  I also like that they use social media.

@Strombolis1–Quite possibly the best stromboli on the planet!  Well, at least in Conway, AR.  I visited there on Wednesday and immediately realized that I had sinned (it has to be a sin to eat their food because it so good!).  I had some of their garlic knots, and oh they were so good!  If you are in Conway, check them out.  Oh yeah, and they are on Facebook too.

@Arkansite–Meet Shelli Russell.  She has started and  She has created these community-based, hyper-local sites in Central Arkansas utilizing  She does a great job of keeping up with the events and happenings going on in her neighborhood.  She is also a good neighbor lending her support to charitable causes.

So, there you have it.  These are my picks for Follow Friday on twitter.  Check these guys and gals out and follow them, because they are worth the follow!

Happy tweeting.

4 thoughts on “Follow Friday”

  1. LOL Shelli. I needed a picture, and I thought it would be a good thing to use yours. I hope you don’t mind. I really am impressed with what you do on your sites, especially since it isn’t your “day job.” I keep checking it out!

  2. So glad you enjoyed your stromboli and garlic knots… addictive, aren’t they? Did you read on the menu that we’re NOT A CHAIN? So many people assume we are because the logo looks it… but that’s what I do for a living. Come back soon!

  3. Thanks Robin! Yeah, I realized that you guys aren’t a chain, and I love that about you! I will come back soon, just as soon as I have been to confession. LOL Good food guys! Check out Strombolis!

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