Follow Friday 4/23/2010

Thanks for stopping by to see who I am choosing for this week’s #Follow #Friday.  I have four persons selected, and hopefully, they will be someone you haven’t heard of before.  If you have, then it will only confirm what you already new!

Katie Felten (LinkedIn All Star)

@KatieFelten — Katie is widely considered a Linkedin expert and she is the president of MKELive, a company that provides Linkedin training services for a wide variety of organizations.  Katie can also show you how to practice Bikram Yoga.

@Stephaniec2c — Stephanie is a key member of the Dallas based Marketing Zen online marketing company.  She really engages her followers keeping everyone up with the latest social media news.  When you get to know the lady behind the tweets, you find she is a down-to-earth, loving and caring mother and wife.

@PaulKirchoff — Paul may be the coolest CEO I’ve never met!  He runs a full service social media and online marketing company based out of Austin, TX.  Hey, we know that some of the coolest tech people come from Austin!

@scottica — I appreciate Scott who is the CEO at SWIX, a social media analytics company based out of Ottawa.  I tweeted about trying their service and he responded to me asking if I had ideas for improvement.  I have enjoyed trying the tools which are in beta, and I think they are a good solution for social media marketers to look at.  Give it a try.

There you go.  These are my Follow Friday tweeters.