Do you have a strategy for your social media marketing?

I see it all the time.  A company decides to create a facebook page or twitter account because that is what they heard they need to do.  They keep up with trends, they hear the buzz, and, after all, social media tools such as twitter and facebook are free, so why not?  They set up the facebook fan page or twitter account but no one comes and joins them.  When you look at their profile, they haven’t posted in months!  “Chalk it up to another fad,” they might say.  Of course, it didn’t cost anything to try social media.

Social Media Bandwagon

Why do companies have little success using social media?  It is because they do not have a strategy.  Did you realize that social media marketing requires a strategy?  Maybe you just thought that all a business needed  to do was just set up shop and watch it take off.  It doesn’t “just happen,” and chances are, you may need to invest a little in a strategy.

How does one invest in a strategy for social media marketing?  Well, you find people who do it for a living to consult you and help you devise a strategy and implement your plan.  Where do you look for that person?  For one, start on the internet.  That is where they are!  Go to Google and type in your town and “social media marketing.”  It should bring up a list of people who can help companies devise a plan.

What kind of things do social media marketing experts do to help give you a strategy?  They will help you identify a purpose and a goal for your social media strategy.  They will help you set up your profiles or optimize what you already have set up.  They put in place metrics to track progress, and they will help you find followers.  A social media marketing expert will also help you see the “big picture.”  He or she may think that you need a blog.

It costs money for this kind of help.  The more success a person has had, the more their rates.  I have heard all kinds of fees.  I am willing to bet that the ones that charge the most are worth every penny!  Ask yourself, “Is it worth it to have more customers and being well thought of in the world of social media?”  Think about a tweeter who has several thousand followers talking about a great experience they had at your place of business.

The truth of the matter is if you intend to put together a social media marketing campaign, you have to have time or money, and in most cases, both.  The rewards can be unbelievable.  You will also need someone to run the campaign and keep up with your social media profiles.  If that means you have to hire someone to do it, then hire someone.

If you are in Central Arkansas, and you are looking for someone to help you set up a social media campaign or run your social media accounts, I am available.