Kudos to the Conway Police Department

I was searching on facebook tonight, for nothing in particular, and I found this unique tidbit from the Conway Police Department (AR).  I am a fan of theirs at facebook, and they had this public service announcement.

You can view it here.
Public Service Announcement

Talk about taking advantage of social media channels!  The forum was awesome too since it referred to keeping children safe online.

Kudos to the Conway Police Department and the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department.  They made a very simple, yet effective video, and they shared it online.  The police department has 755 fans so you know the video will be viewed by hundreds of people.  This is an organization that is taking seriously the power and impact of social media.

The department is doing a great job with their facebook page.  The only feedback I would offer is to respond to fan comments in some way.  Engaging a fans is a vital element of using social media successfully.  Otherwise, they are doing an awesome job.  Their competency in social media makes me feel more comfortable with their work in public safety.