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Copyblogger has an essay contest

StudioPress Theme of the Month

If any of you have been around here at my personal blog, you know that I read Copyblogger a lot. It may be that I want to be like them.

In fact, Copyblogger Media owns StudioPress who builds the themes (yes, it’s an affiliate link) I use.

I suppose I should pay them some money for my livelihood.

Wait, I already do!

Anyway, Copyblogger is one of the best places to learn about writing for the web, and that is a different task than writing for print (there are definitely some of the same tendencies).

Copyblogger launched a contest in which contestants are to write about “Why It’s Essential to Be an Online Authority” and submit for a chance for some pretty good prizes, and, I’m sure, some nice exposure.

I took the plunge!

Here is the graphic about the contest:

Copyblogger Essay Contest Participant

Enter the contest or get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

I think I’ll put it in the sidebar too.