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Why do I still get automatic direct messages on twitter?

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Automatic direct messages are still used on Twitter, and for the life of me I don’t know why!

Sometimes we are lazy. Sometimes I am lazy!

Why do something when you can have it done for you?

I employ some tools for automation for some of my social media, although, I have tried to use it sparingly as engagement is a big part of social media.

Twitter is one of the most engaging platform I have ever been a part of.

The DM’s, sent automatically when someone follows you, is down right annoying.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind DM’s. I have developed some pretty cool relationships that way. I currently have a follower who asks me questions that are more for just us using DM. That is how it should be used!

It is the robotic, automated DM’s when I follow someone that really makes me irritated. The problem is that it usually some kind of pushy, selly, info type stuff I am not interested in.

Of course, sometimes, they contain some interesting, non-pushy, selly stuff.

I suppose it is okay that you ask me to like your Facebook page or connect with you on Linkedin. That isn’t so pushy.

Those aren’t really that bad.

Nevertheless, launching into a selly spill when I JUST followed you and hardly know anything about you, not good.

Anyway, the Twitter etiquette has been around for some time that using automatic DM’s is not a good idea.

The voices


Shama Kabani (written in 2008, still true)


Chris Brogan (also written in 2008)


Shama’s post is old and she doesn’t completely dismiss it, but in her book The Zen of Social Media Marketing, well, she doesn’t recommend the technique.

automatic direct messages on twitter
Shama Kabani

So, I still wonder, “why do I get this automatic direct messages on twitter?”

Maybe, people just aren’t aware.  Yeah, that’s it!

Maybe, some are actually new to this twitter thing. Some businesses have actually jumped in with both feet to social media and twitter, and they are just using less-than-stellar practice.


Okay, here’s the question.

Do you get automatic direct messages on twitter?

Comment below!