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Four things to remember when updating your Facebook page to the timeline

In case you didn’t know, your Facebook Fan Page will convert this Friday, March 30, 2012 to a timeline.  I have seen many businesses and other organizations who have Fan Page who have still not converted.  In fact, I have been busy the past couple of weeks introducing myself to the new timeline and all of the unique features for the pages that I manage.  I have been slowly trying to convert the pages as I learn more about the new format.

Nevertheless, you will not get the chance to learn at a slower pace as March 30th comes barreling down the homestretch this week! So, I have decided to put together a few thoughts for small businesses and organizations who realize that March 30th is 5 days away!

1. Know the sizes of the images

  • tab icons must be 111×74 pixels
  • cover images are 851×315 pixels
  • profile images are  180X180 pixels

There are other images sizes you should be aware of, but those three are the most important as they are at the top of your timeline.  For other image sizes see here.

dfwfootball facebook timeline

2. Understand the tabs

Previously, Facebook used a whole markup code separate from html called fbml.  They are doing away with fbml (thankfully) and taking advantage of html using iframes.  Basically, an iframe is a platform where you can drop html in to the tab and create a standard html page for your Facbook page  This will make it easier for website designers to convert pages for Facebook — a lot easier!  There is no more fbml code to learn.

For those who are not html savvy, there are still tons of resources available to help you build a “custom tab” as it is called.  You can continue to have your “About Us” type of page and a “Welcome” tab, but you can no longer customize it for non page-likers to land on the tab you choose.  Think of the custom tabs as an extension of your timeline for those who wish to go deeper in to your brand or company.

3. Celebrate Milestones

Milestones are the same for business pages as they are for the profile pages.  You can celebrate milestones in the life of your company or organization with images announcing the event.

Such ideas might include a ribbon cutting ceremony for your company by the local chamber of commerce, or the moving in to a new facility.  You could also use milestones to feature awards your organization or business has received.

For milestones, remember:

  • Important Dates
  • Important Events

4. Find your Cover

The Cover image is probably the most noticeable change with the Timelines.  The organization (as well as individual profiles) get to include a large, vivid image which might give a certain flavor for your company to those visiting.  Cover images can leave huge impact.  In spite of this very cool feature, there are some things you need to know about the Cover Image.

Do not put contact info, calls to action, or arrows pointing to the Like or Share button on your cover image. Mari Smith

Make sure to follow the rules or you run the risk of having your Facebook page taken down.


I have a “stack” at Delicious of links, most of which were used in this post, which you can use as a resource to help make your transition.  If I can help at any way, let me know.


My Delicious Stack