Social Media is like cooking chili, it takes time

I like chili.  No wait, I love chili.  And, I can make it just a few minutes, but I have noticed that when I take the time and let the chili simmer for an hour or two, it is much, much better!  It just seems that all of the spices get permeated through the chili more when it simmers for a while.  Sure, when you make it quicker, it still tastes good, but is not the same.

It’s the same with social media marketing for small businesses.  You can get some results with a quick strike social media action, but you get so much more when you take the time to build it, to plan and strategize your efforts.  It takes time to execute a plan, so be ready for some patience!

Chili needs to simmer to be its best!

Many people look to social media as a quick fix for their marketing problems.  The truth is, it takes time to get results using social media for a small business.  It takes some time to develop a following.  Mostly, people want jump at the chance to follow your business just because you are on social media networks.

You have to cultivate and grow your followers.  It takes consistency and effort.  Small businesses can’t just throw up a Facebook page or a twitter account and expect to have an instant stream of followers.  You have to engage people in conversation.

So, throw on some chili, put together a social media plan, and enjoy both in due time!

Picture source: British Chefs