Jacqueline Poczik: A story of breast cancer survival

Pink RibbonOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am fortunate to know a breast cancer survivor, Jacqueline Poczik.  Her courage inspires me!  I am honored to help promote this worthy cause and sharing Jacqueline’s story with you.

Jacqueline is the youngest of two, born in California, but raised in Guy, AR until she was 21 years old.  That was went she went back to Los Angeles until just 9 years ago when her husband Kal talked her in to moving back to the area.

Jacqueline is one of my friends and a kind, caring person.  She and her husband live near Vilonia, AR with their pets, her dogs, and Tiger their cat, the newest addition to their family.  Aside from being smart and articulate and able to do so many different things, Jacqueline is a licensed plumber!

Jacqueline allowed me to ask some questions about her battle with breast cancer.  Thanks Jacqueline!

Q: How long has it been since you were diagnosed with breast cancer?
A: 3 years next May

Q: How long has it been since you have been clear of cancer?
A: 2 years and 3 months

Q: What kind of thoughts and emotions did you have when you found out you had breast cancer?
A:   I was very angry [because I] never smoked or did anything to cause it . . . I was thinking, “why me?” I thought it was a death sentence!

Ms. Jacqueline

Q:   What kind of treatment did you have to help you beat breast cancer?

A:   Surgery first, then radiation treatment for 8 weeks, 2 times a week.  Then, medication for 2 years afterwards.

Q:  Was there a history of breast cancer or cancer in your family?

A: No , none at all.  My mom had it two months after I did !

Q:  Who were the people that supported you the most?
A: My neighbors and friends here.

Q:  What did you learn the most about yourself and other people during your battle with breast cancer?
A:  Who your real friends are and how thankful to be that I’m a strong-willed person .

Q: Can you tell me about the appreciation you have for the University of Arkansas Medical School?
A: Great appreciation.  They treated me so well that you thought everybody in the breast center knew me for years.  I am very thankful to Dr Fincer, the medical director.