Use keywords to optimize your website

This is the second post in a series of articles which expands on Six things you absolutely have to have on your website.

The Six Pack Series


A website that is void of keywords is one that will be invisible online.  Keywords are one of the most significant developments in that past 10 years.

What are your keywords?  What words do you think your customers are using to search for your services?  Are you a photographer?  What kind?  How would you use Google to search for you?

These are some of the answers that need to be answered.  In fact, you should link keywords to your geography as well.  For example: “photography, Conway, AR.”

Here are three tips:


Be both specific and general.  Do a little brainstorming with a key member of your staff.  Try to think like a consumer.  Good search engine optimization (SEO) takes more than keywords, so don’t put pressure on yourself to get it exactly right.  You are trying to put obvious keywords in your meta-tag headers that will be present in your website.

Look for tools

There are some tools you can invest in to help you.  You will need a little help and some advanced research will never hurt! You can take advantage of the keyword tool from Google,  the Wordstream toolbox, SEO Book, Copyblogger and SEO Moz.

Don’t forget key phrases

People search by phrases mostly rather than keywords.  The more you can use key phrases the more narrow the competition is and the better chance you have to rank higher in the search engines.  Simply trying to dominate a single keyword is going to be next to impossible, especially for a small business.  Think geographically for your key phrases.  Try to dominate keywords, and especially, key phrases for your geographical location.

Once you have your keywords in a list, have your website designer put them in the header section.  It’s simple and will help your visibility in search engines.

Are you making keywords a part of your website strategy?  What kind of keywords do you need to look at for your website?

photo credit Flickr: Feuillu