Suzanne Sommers

Seven Things to learn about marketing from Suzanne Somers

Recently I listened to a commercial on the radio with Suzanne Somers. I thought to myself, “she’s everywhere!” I thought to myself that she has a lot of lessons for us in the world of marketing. Suzanne Sommers

What do you think?

Beauty is ageless. . . . and it sells!

Suzanne Somers has been beautiful as long as I can remember.  She started out as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company and later in her career, she was still stunning on Step by Step as Carol Lambert.  Look at her today and, well, she is still beautiful!  She knows the harder she tries to stay beautiful, the easier it is to sell her products.

Be everywhere!

Suzanne is everywhere.  She is on infomercials, radio commercials, TV commercials, online and in bookstores via her books.  Everywhere I turn, I see her smiling face.  She is never forgotten because she uses so many different channels to proclaim her message.

Brand yourself

Suzanne is her own brand.  Her products revolve around her and her message.  She advocates being healthy, and she is the poster child for her own message.  Therefore, she brands herself.

Create products that solve problems….. that help people

I know some people don’t agree with her opinions about healthcare, but she creates products that try to solve problems and help people be healthy.  That is her intention, and her products appeal to those who are trying to solve a problem.

Work tirelessly

She is a tireless worker and she does not stop working to build her brand.  Hopefully she does take time to be with family, but as far as her business and her brand, she is always working.

Be passionate

Whenever Suzanne tapes a commercial for one of her products, she is extremely passionate.  She is passionate about what she offers, her service, and her product.  Passion radiates through her voice and the expressions on her face.  It’s contagious really.


There are not many people who have a bigger or better smile.  Suzanne reminds us to always smile.