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How Smiling Sox Pet Care used social media to increase business

Smiling SoxMay Nellum is the owner of Smiling Sox Pet Care in Conway, AR.  She is so passionate for pets!  I’ve never seen someone with so much passion for pets.  I love to watch her interact with the pets she cares for.  She also does a great job training pets.

She started her business a little over a year ago and has seen a steady increase in clients.  There are a lot of reasons she has seen increase.  One, I think, is people recognize how much she loves pets.  Two, she has very reasonable prices and goes above and beyond the call of duty.  Third, she is very trustworthy so people are comfortable having her to come to their homes and care for their pets!

She has done an excellent job of using Facebook and twitter to engage her clients and potential clients.  She makes use of those two social media channels as well as Linkedin and Youtube.  Further, she has used these tools to network with other pet sitters which gives her more support and assistance as she helps her clients and creates a referral network.

Mary has done an awesome job of leveraging her online presence and promoting her tagline “My passion is pets.”

I sat down with Mary for lunch day giving her tips and ideas for using social media, many of which she used.  Mary went from having a client list of about 20 to over 60 in about 6 months.  Now, Mary has her own business running full force with employees.

I own a pet sitting business and about 6 months ago I felt like I was at a standstill as far as marketing and social media was concerned. Todd and I had an excellent conversation over lunch one day, in which he helped me clarify which social media avenues I wanted to pursue. As a bonus during our conversation, he brought to my attention a phrase I kept using, “Pets are my passion”, which has become my tagline. Business has since picked up and I credit Todd for his help. I know that the social media and my website have been huge factors in building my business. Thanks, Todd! (Mary Nellum, Smiling Sox Pet Care)

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