Aaron Stevens is a Champion

My friend Aaron is going to Africa.  Would you do that?  How about if you were about 24 and just got engaged?

That’s just how Aaron is.  He is a giver.

I met Aaron in September 2010 when we had training class together where I work.  He was a very fun guy to be around.  He raved about his girlfriend.  He also talked a lot about Chi Alpha at UCA, a student ministry he is deeply devoted to.

He also talked about Africa.  He spent time there and was going back to help with an orphanage doing whatever was needed.  It was refreshing.

He talked about helping the people in Africa whom he fell in love with.

A lot of guys his age are talking about career and getting married, and they are great things to be thinking about.  Aaron has those aspirations too.  However, he wants to go to Africa.

For 10 months.

He has been raising money the past few months and he finished at work this past week.  For the past couple of weeks I sat by him and enjoyed visiting with him.  He was always so kind and caring on the phone with the customers.

Keep in mind, Aaron isn’t going to Africa to “find himself.”  He is going to “love on people,” as my pastor would say, and minister for God.

One thing I have always liked about Aaron is his passion for life and his persistent joy.   His smile is contagious and that is why I think the folks want him to come much more than he wants to go.  And that is a lot!

That is why I think he is a Champion.

The Champion Series is based on the book:

The Champion by Frank Agin and Jim Ballard.