Driving Home

When we reboot our lives

Reboot is a common word now.

That’s because of computers.  Reboot is how we restart a computer without going through the process mandated by Microsoft.

It has become an analogy we can use in life.  Sometimes, we reboot.  Things can spin out of control, and the only way to get back on course is to reboot.

I rebooted a little over a year ago.  Circumstances demanded it.

I moved to Conway, AR.

Driving Home
Driving Home

I was living in Fort Worth, TX which is a wonderful city.   I highly recommend visiting there!  However, the time had come for me to reboot and move back to Arkansas.  So, I unloaded about 95% of what I owned and packed the rest in my car and headed home.

It was January, so it was cold.  More like brisk.  I couldn’t sleep real well because I was trying to sleep on an air mattress.  My back was killing me.  I hoped to be up and out by 4 or 5 am.  After trying to sleep, I woke up at 1 am, got things together and was driving out of the drive way by 2 am.  I was buying myself some breakfast a little after 3 am in Rockwall, TX.  That was the first of two breakfasts that morning!

I won’t forget that drive.  It was dark for most of it because of how early I left.  There were feelings of dread, excitement, anxiety and uncertainty.  I felt, in some way, that there were lots of people waiting for me.  My parents, my brother and his family and my friend Sam were going to be coming to a birthday party my mom was planning.  So, I was excited about that.  We were also expecting a snow storm and I was trying to get to Conway before it hit.

Seeing the dawn break was symbolic of me rebooting my life.  Maybe that is why much of the drive was dark.

And, of course, when I got to Conway, I was wired.  I’ve had my share of things to keep me going and just overwhelmed to be there.  Therefore, I was going pretty strong when I got there while unloading my belongings and such.

Afterwards, it didn’t take me too long to crash.  I was tired from the drive.  I was tired from my need to reboot.

The next day, the snow came.  With it came newness.  I’m glad.

Have you had to reboot?  How did it work for you?

Photo Credit: alternatePhotography