Ten Topics to Blog about on your business blog

I have encouraged business owners to start blogs for more than one reason. There are many advantages to writing a blog including the benefit of increased traffic to your website if your blog posts are marketed well.

Therein lies the problem for many business owners. I understand myself as I often have a hard time trying to decide what to write for my own blogs.

Blogging Readiness
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Do you find yourself staring at the screen wondering what to write? Me too!

I don’t have all the answers, but I want to offer some advice, some tips and some good resources for how to jump-start your writing.

I believe the best thing to do is to mix up your types of posts. It adds variety for your readers, and it allows you to have a template to write a post. Some bloggers will even put together a publishing schedule using a basic calendar to keep them on track.

There are many kinds, or types, of blog posts you can write. There are far more than I can mention here, but stay tuned because I will point you in the direction of some awesome resources for writing your blog!

When I first started making this post, I thought in terms of “kinds” of blog posts, but now, it is more in the mode of “topics.”  Either will work find, but here are mine.

1 Feature a product/service/employee/customer/community leader

I like to do this one.  I like to feature someone for a number of reasons.  First, they will instinctively promote the post.  Second, and more importantly, it an opportunity to brag on somebody.  I love to brag on others!

2  News about your business

People don’t think much about this, but it is a legitimate blog topic.  When people are perusing your website, they are curious as to what your business is up to.  Large corporate websites do this with their businesses including any media attention they receive.  Well, it is just as important to small businesses and maybe more so!

3  How to/Advice

This is simply showing someone “how to” do something.  You can be creative with your titles doing lists, etc.  However, the premise remains the same.  Simply write a “how to” post because people love to learn things. . . or criticize.  Either way, you will get readers.

4  Industry Trends

No one knows more about your industry than you.  You keep up with your industry and you are your readers’ best source of information.  Plus, it gives you an opportunity to give commentary and to add your own spin to your industry’s trends.

5  Fun Stuff

Don’t be afraid to write about something fun.  Did you just get back from vacation and really enjoyed visiting a museum or theater?  Let your readers know.  It breaks up being serious all the time, plus, it lets your readers know that you are a person.

6  Inspiration/Life Lessons

Did you learn something significant about life?  Share it with your readers.  Do you have a favorite quote or saying?  Let them know!  Life lessons and inspirations are something that resonates with everyone.  Again, it lets your readers see your humanness.  Now, this isn’t the place to practice confession, unless its funny and not too damaging.

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7  Community News

Are you involved in your community?  Comment on news in your local community, especially as it relates to your industry.  Support your community and others in it and in turn, you will find they will support you.

8  What I would do . . . .

This is a case of showing your ability to reason and how you would solve a problem.  This provides two things.  First, it provides content.  Second, and most importantly, it is a “resume builder.”  As a business owner, you have to have “resume builders” which shows you are capable of doing the work for which the prospective client would hire you for.  On the flip side, consider “what I have done. . . ” type posts, which are case studies.

The last two topics require a large community of readers for your blog.  If you have that, then you can proceed with these two topics for your blog.

9  Ask your audience

Ask your audience a pressing question.  Encourage feedback and develop interaction.  Facilitate discussion so that readers can learn from one another.

10  Mailbag. . . .

This is often used in the sports world, but I have seen it used successfully in other industries.  You get lots of email each week, many with questions.  Choose a good question, or more, and attempt to answer them.

There you have it.  This should keep you blogging for a while.

In addition, you might check out these resources.