Book Review: The Champion

The Champion: Finding the Most Valuable Person in Your Network
Frank Agin & Jim Ballard

The Champion by Agin and BallardHave you ever looked for that book that can be a “game changer” for your business and networking? Well, this book is that book. If you are struggling with your attempts at networking, Frank Agin and Jim Ballard’s little book will give you insights through the parable they tell to improve your networking skills.

In the story, our protagonist, Jerry, looks for a “champion” networker. Jerry looks for that one person who has the contacts and the ability to take his business to the next level. Jerry gets a good idea of what his “champion” looks like after visiting with his new friend Walter.

Following a networking conference in which Jerry gets a handful of cards, his vehicle breaks down, he gets drenched in the rain helping Walter clean up his new restaurant, and a storm knocks the power thwarting the ability to email follow up notes. The next morning, Jerry comes down with a horrible cold. Suddenly, Jerry’s attempt at finding a “champion” is in jeopardy.

How can Jerry find his “champion” when he has so many obstacles? Does he find his “champion?” Well, you have to read the story to find out, but it is not very long. One can read the book in one sitting, however, the message is powerful.

We all are looking for someone like the “champion” that Jerry was looking for. We understand that making the right connection with the right person can take our businesses to another level, giving us the freedom and financial security that comes with a high performing company. The lessons Jerry learns are lessons we can apply to our lives as well.

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