Do-it-yourself Tasks for SEO

Some Do-it-yourself tasks to help with the SEO of your website

1. Write a press release–If you have some good or big news, write a press release. You can have someone to do it for you, or you can use a press release service who often offer editing of press releases. You will need to choose someone to release, and my suggestion is PR Newswire. Often other services boast that they submit to PR Newswire. However, PR Newswire offers the service too, and you can use them directly rather than using someone else. Often, a press release is a fraction of some kind of advertising campaign, and many times, it produces massive results.

Another company to consider is They are very upfront about their cost and why you pay what you do.  Further, the results that they have provided for their customers have been well documented.

2. Social Media–If you already have a Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Myspace account, kick them in overdrive. Really, just updating regularly and making of note of your business can be a big help. These social media networks result in organic marketing. Having the right person at the right time to recommend you can give you more exposure than you ever imagined.

3. Online Advertising–If you are advertising in print with limited results, then you might consider switching some or all of your advertising budget to online advertising. The easiest way is to sign up for Google Ads, but you can also find a site that you think would be relevant to your potential customers and inquire about placing an ad on their site.

There are a couple of sites that are considered hyper-local in the DFW area, meaning that they target the local neighborhood for their readers. While this is a DIY task, you can also have someone to manage the campaign for you. Often these charges are based on a percentage of how much you are spending.