New Focus has taken on a new focus.  We are looking to move in to the business related world offering online services such as advertising, SEO, web development, business branding.  Therefore, we have updated the look of the site, yet again, to further our reach to potential clients.

I continue to run and and have began to put the finishing touches on  Further, via, we will be publishing an e-magazine previewing the fall football season in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  The e-mag should be available sometime in late July or early August.

I believe that I can help small companies make the leap from classified advertising to online advertising.  When is the last time that you looked in the classifieds to find a business?  How about the yellow pages?  The way people look for businesses is changing, and we need to change too.  It is time for companies to reallocate their advertising budget.

If a company is willing, there are lots of things they can do to increase their online presence.  A company may have to invest in a website.  That is easily done.  Once a website is up, then they can fill in the blanks by advertising on various hyper-local sites.  They may also take advantage of Google and Yahoo ads.

This is the direction in which is heading.  If you know someone who could use our service, let them know.