Six must haves for your website

Your website is an important investment for you small business. There is too much at stake not to make an effective website.

There are Six “must haves” for your website including analytics, keywords, pretty permalinks, html, blog, connections.  This series called the “Six Pack Series” was inspired by the article Six things you must absolutely have to have on your website.


Analytics are invaluable to help understand what your website is doing.  Are more people looking at your website this month than last month?  If you have analytics installed, you will know.


A website that is void of keywords is one that will be invisible online.  Keywords are one of the most significant developments in that past 10 years.

Pretty Permalinks

Well, there are three very good reasons you should have what is called pretty permalinks.  Pretty permalinks are links to your article or blog post which do not contain the query string but look more like your static page links.


Building your website on a basic foundation of HTML is a very necessary journey.  Can you use media in your webpages?  Absolutely!  But keep in mind these four reasons for building your web page on HTML.


Of the options for updating your website above, running a blog on your website is probably the easiest option to implement and further, it will allow you to update using some of the other options.


 Here’s the problem with your website.  You don’t get contacted.  Well, there can be a number of reasons that no one will contact a website, but one of the major reasons is a lack of information on how to contact you.

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