I have eight years of experience in developing and maintaining websites including submitting sites to search engines to be indexed.  I can help you build traffic to your site and increase your company’s visibility.

WordPress Websites

You’ve heard that a you need to have a WordPress website.  What does that mean?  WordPress is an innovative platform originally designed for blogging that has progressed to being used to design and manage sophisticated, search engine optimized websites.

Your website designer talked you in to a snazzy, flash-drive website, but you don’t find it anywhere near the first page of the search engine results for your keywords.  Now you realize what really matters, especially for a small business, is having a website that can consistently compete for placement at the top of the search results.  Let me put together a customized, WordPress website that will get results in the search engines.

Online Advertising

Are you still paying for classifieds?  Why?  They charge an enormous amount of money for this small space that hardly anyone ever reads.  Turn to online advertising.  Let me help you develop an online advertising strategy.  Of course, you will need a website!  I can develop a simple, SEO optimized site, or you I can refer you to someone who can develop a more sophisticated website.  Either way, you will need a website to get the most from you online advertising.

Semi Pro Athletes

A semi pro athlete can use a website for several different reasons.  He, or she, can connect with fans or simply use it as a home on the web.  Further, the athlete can use it to be noticed by scouts from another level of play.


Are you a model who needs your own online presence?  Models need websites for fans or agents to see their work.  Let me set you up a simple, but optimized website, to help you get the necessary work that you need.

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