conversations on faith

A point of Clarification


I’ve made a strategic decision with this blog and I thought a point of clarification was in order.

I noticed one person dropped off my subscribers list, and I am sure that is because I have changed directions.

I created a site on this domain several years ago, not sure how long ago. About four or five years ago, I started writing about small business as it relates to websites and social media, etc. In the past couple of years, I created a business website at where I do much of the same thing. Also, I touch on some of the topics at where I talk about the great state of Arkansas.

That leaves me with this blog/website.

Lately, the past few months, I started writing more about faith. In fact, I kind of call it “Conversations on Faith” or something subtle like that.

That is where this blog is going to continue going.

I am not dropping the articles I have written, but I just don’t expect I’ll write much about that in the future and focus more on my thoughts on faith, the Bible, and Spiritual Formation.

If you are still wanting to read articles I write about online marketing, websites, WordPress and the like, I encourage you to subscribe to the blog at grafixCat media. If you are okay listening to my rambling about faith, Bible and Spiritual Formation, then I am happy to have you hang around!

Let us walk this journey together.