Finding a rainmaker may be closer than you think

Rain Showers

In the business world, a rainmaker is someone who is able to deliver a large amount of business for his or her company.  If a company is able to do well, chances are they have a rainmaker on staff.

Most everyone I know who runs a business is always seeking how to get more business. In spite of how good you are in real estate, consulting or any other business including your top level skills to do the job, there is always, always the need to get new business. This is the million dollar problem.

I don’t claim to know all the answers. I do know, as you, that finding someone who can produce, a rainmaker, is pivotal to moving your business forward.

In the movie Rainmaker, Rudy Balor (Matt Damon) gets a call a late night phone call from his law partner letting him know the good news of a new judge assigned to the case they are trying. Deck, his partner, says

You know what a Rainmaker is, kid? The bucks are gonna be falling from the sky.

Sometimes it’s that way. Sometimes you stumble into good news.

For those who operate online, who love WordPress, that is exactly what may have just happened. Copyblogger Media has introduced a new product that has some real potential benefits.

Thursday, on the Genesis Office Hours podcast by Carrie Dils, Ms. Dils had Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media on to discuss the latest invention, the New Rainmaker Platform. Copyblogger is the parent company of StudioPress, makers of the Genesis Framework (affiliate link) that I, Carrie and so many others use on projects.

Basically, Rainmaker makes available in one setting all of the products that Copyblogger and StudioPress has put together in the past few years. For instance, you have access to Genesis and all of StudioPress’ child themes, Scribe for SEO and Content Marketing, their premium hosting solution, Synthesis, along with a landing page component, analytics and much more. It is WordPress on steroids, and for WordPress fans who do online marketing, it is a viable alternative to Hubspot.

Thus far, testimonies have been good. Chris Brogan, one of the prolific online business owners there is, has given his thumbs up. In fact, Chris moved his website, to Rainmaker.

I like the fact that, along with the solid back end and technology, you can set up an e-commerce solution to sell digital products, a sophisticated online membership website, online training courses, integration to two of the best email marketing platforms and utilize the StudioPress new landing page generator. These are key components to a robust online marketing system. In addition, according to Brian Clark, a learning management system component.

Are you kidding me?

Seriously, if you are wanting to set up a full scale, WordPress powered, online marketing system for your business, you should at least take a look at Rainmaker.

Don’t think that the platform is finished either as pointed out by John at Duct Tape Marketing. There is more to come.

Let me know if you have looked at Rainmaker and what you think.