Barcamp Conway 2012

How do you connect with others?

How do you connect with others?
BarCamp Conway, that’s my friend Todd Cate!

How do you connect with others?

Tuesday, I went to a local event, a birthday celebration for a local non profit. Two of the people I visited with were people I have made contact with online.

It really is crazy, because the three of us live in the same town.

One is a award winning journalist and photo journalist from the local newspaper, Courtney Spradlin, and the other is the development director for the Interfaith Health Clinic, Bobby Kelly III.

Things are different I guess.  We didn’t exchange business cards.

Social media has changed things.

I once saw a video where social media guru Shama Kabani stated she took business cards home from conferences, looked each person up on Linkedin, connected with them and threw away the business card.

When I attended WordCamp this Summer, connections were, generally speaking, made via twitter.

The times are a’changin’. Don’t you think?

How do you connect with others?

What do you do with business cards?

My cup runneth over of business cards!

Are you on Linkedin? If so, let’s connect!

In the meantime, here is a humorous video from Vooza about how we handle business cards.