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Last year (2012), while attending BarCamp Conway, I visited with Dave Barger of Memphis during lunch.  I loved it. He is so smart and I was just soaking up information, even when I didn’t understand.

Dave is a developer, web and mobile. He is very personable and extremely intelligent. He is the President and CEO of Lunaweb in Memphis has given presentations throughout the country.

He said something I have thought about since that lunch. He said that most small businesses do not need a mobile application because they would be fine with a mobile responsive website. At the time, apps were all the buzz, and they still are. However, since then, mobile responsive websites have picked up steam.

I am building a website for a client using Twitter Bootstrap and I continue to use the Genesis Framework from StudioPress for my WordPress websites. Both have adopted mobile responsive standards.

In fact, the default theme for a WordPress installation comes mobile responsive.

My friend Todd Cate states that mobile responsive is the way to go, and I agree.

Therefore, starting this year, I am beginning to build websites mobile responsive. It’s the only way to go.

If you have questions about having a mobile responsive website built or converting one that I have built for you, feel free to contact me.

What is a mobile responsive website?

I’m glad you asked. This video is from Bluehost, a popular hosting company. The video does a great job of describing what it means to have a mobile responsive website.

photo credit: Rasmus Sten