Staggering information about WordPress

What do you know about WordPress?

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Yesterday, I was doing a little research on WordPress to help create some content for a new business website of mine (more on that later). As I was just looking at some of the info for reasons why to use WordPress, aside from the ones I have already outlined, I was taken back by the number of people using WordPress now.

Some of the info is:

  • Of Content Management Systems, WordPress has a staggering 53% of the market
  • 72.4 Million websites use WordPress
  • In 2011, 20-25% of all new websites were built on WordPress
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Yoast has created an incredibly informative infograph which you can view here.

In addition, I was looking for businesses, big reputable ones, who use WordPress for their websites and found some interesting users.

National Football League

CNN Newsroom



Kobe Bryant

Chicago Bulls

It just gets better if you dig a little bit.

Over 72 million websites use WordPress!  Very impressive. 54 Million use the platform meaning over 126 million blogs and/or websites are driven by the WordPress platform.

Getting Started

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