Wave Accounting

Tools I use for my freelance/small business

Wave Accounting
Wave Accounting

What do you use?

Mozilla Firefox–This may be the best surfing experience available.  Firefox is filled with lots of extensions and add-ons to enhance the browser experience.  The drawback is it slows down the browser, sometimes, to have that many extensions available.

Google Chrome–This is great for website development.  This is mainly what Opera used to be to developers in the late 1990’s.

Mozilla Thunderbird–This is my email client.  However, I use it to schedule events, meetings and tasks.  It is a full scale schedule manager similar to MS Outlook, but for free.

Wave Accounting–I use this free website to handle my invoices.  I can easily, and quickly, create the invoices and then log the payments when they come in.  The site keeps up with the income for me and I can enter the expenses and then run reports.

Corel Graphics Suite–My graphics development platform of choice.  The environment is fairly easy to learn and the cost is much less than Adobe Photoshop.

Corel Office Suite–I’ve used Word Pefect since college.  Corel is the company that makes Word Pefect, and it has a suite of word precessing programs such as MS Office.  With the suite, you have a program to create documents such as spreadsheets, as well as regular written documents and a presentation program.

Google Docs–Google Docs is online what Open Office is, a free to use, complete document creating suite. Google Docs will integrate with every other program of Google, and almost everyone has a Google account (or two) nowadays.  Google Docs also offers a marketplace which includes templates created by other Google Docs users.

Google Analytics–Simply, the best software for tracking visitors to your website, at least, for free.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin–I connect with friends, family and current and future clients.

LG Quantum Windows 7 Smart Phone–This is my phone, and while it is not an iPhone, it allows me to interact via text, phone, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.

Skype–Skye is a multifaceted chatting software in which you my chat with webcam, microphone, etc.  It is ideal for web conferences, virtual meetings, podcasts and more.

Delicious–I store bookmarks to articles I like.  It has great categorization tools and now allows you to build stacks, sort of like a library.

Flickr to get images–The world’s most renowned image repository, many of which have granted permission to share and ideal for using in blog posts.

Youtube for videos–Everything from entertainment to tutorials can be found on Youtube.  Want to know how to do something?  You will probably find a video on Youtube.

Bluehost — Web hosting for my website (affiliate link)–Bluehost keeps me online for a very reasonable price with plenty of room.  I have very, very few problems dealing with this company.  They have always been responsive.

There are other tools, but these are the ones I use the most.  What do you use?