Five Reasons why you should have a Facebook Fan page instead of a Facebook profile for your business

I was trying to refrain from writing this article.  I have seen similar articles all over the internet, but then I realized that maybe the people in my sphere of influence may not have read one of those articles.

I see organizations all the time that use a profile for their business presence online.  This can be a dangerous way to go as the organization is essentially violating the terms of service for Facebook.

So, why should you have a fan page instead of a profile for your business?  Read on.

1.  Terms of Agreement on Facebook

Facebook’s Terms of Service clearly states that a profile is a for a person with a real name, not an organization or business.  Further, Facebook has the right and has shut down profiles in violation of its terms by using it as a business page.  Facebook profiles are for people only.  Be careful.

2.  Because your organization is not a person

You are an organization and not a person.  “MyBusiness” is not the name of a person, and it is quite awkward to become friends with a business, especially when a business has the appropriate channel at Facebook in which to launch its on presence on the social network website.

3.  Because you don’t have 8,929,725 friends

That is the number of fans on the McDonald’s Facebook fan page.
Facebook has a built in limit to the number of friends you can have.  In the past, that number is 5,000.  It is hard to tell if the limit is still in place, but the point is that you, as a business, have far more “fans” than you do real friends.

4.  Track metrics

Maybe one of the best things you can do with a fan page on Facebook is track metrics.  You can check out the number of people who has visited your fan page and where they are coming from.  It is like having Google Analytics built in to your fan page.  Further, you can send out updates to your fans and target what update goes to what group by demographics or location.  This feature really sets the two a part.

5.  You can appoint administrators

Updating a Facebook business page can be time consuming.  You might need to outsource some of your updates or you just might need some consulting that requires another person to have access to the account.  This is definitely something you can delegate.  This way, you don’t have to give out log in information to someone who might be helping.