Small business

My business is to promote your business. . . . update

Small business
Small Businesses need websites too!

I really have never had a tagline before.  Until now.

I just came up with this one this morning.

My business is to promote your business . . . .Online

Change of plans!

My Passion is to promote your passion . . . . online!

I am a promoter.  I like to promote you and it is a passion!

I build websites and set up online marketing strategies.  Do you know someone who might need help in that area?  Forward this post to them!

I will not build the best graphic-looking website out there, but I will build a website on a framework that makes for easy cross promotion of all online channels.  After all, in your business, it is about getting customers and making sells, not impressing someone with a flashy website that has multiple “bells and whistles.”

That makes me ideal for small businesses.

Small businesses need websites that work for them.  A website that works for them is one that can be easily updated, runs on good code and looks professional and clean.  Further, it is one that integrate social media in to the platform.

The websites I build can do that.

My business is to promote your business . . . .Online

Again. . .  .

My Passion is to promote your passion . . . . online!

When you choose to build a website for your small business, you need one that can be updated easily, engages customers, builds a community, builds traffi and above all,convert them to customers.

Why wait?

Contact me today!

Here’s my email address:  todd {at}

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