Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance

Memorial Day was a day set aside to remember those who died in service for this country.

This is necessary, that we look back, and remember those who made it possible for us to blog, own businesses, own computers, own cars and simply live in the most free country in the history of the world.

Memorial Day
Who do you remember this Memorial Day?

And yes, I have already had a hamburger and a hot dog, and I will have one again.  Isn’t it great!

We have that freedom because of the men and women who served this country to preserve the freedoms we have.

Let us remember them!

There are others who serve this country and served us.  I think about both of my grandpas.  I also think about police and firefighters.


One of my grandpas had a farm we went to every year.  We awoke somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00 in the morning and didn’t care!  He was usually on his CB radio.

After breakfast, we usually fired up the tractor and went to the pond to fish.  Can you imagine little boys fishing for hours?  We did, even if my brother had to walk around the pond some to stay moving.

When we got back, my grandpa would “clean” the fish and fry it along with hushpuppies for lunch.  That was usually by 10:30 am or so.  Life on the farm was different.

We did whatever in the afternoon, and there was plenty to do on a farm.  Everything form playing with the dogs to exploring the farm.

Usually, we went to my other grandpa the next week.  He lived in a small town in rural Arkansas, not on a farm, but not far from many of the farms.  He had an usually car with blue interior.  I remember that.

We usually got around a little later at his house (no 5:30 am wake up calls!).  We went to the post office and then the local general store where we visited with the other men in the town.  Sometimes, we would go to the Senior Citizen’s Center.

Oh, and the stories.  That is how we went to bed.  He told us stories.  Yes, he told us stories!

. . . . Just remembering those men.

Fire and Police

On 9/11, they were the ones who were risking their lives when we were attacked on our soil.  The NYPD and the FDNY were heroes.  They helped get as many as they could to safety, without regard to their own lives in one of the most egregious actions to have ever happened in America.

However, I think we take them for granted.  They protect us, and they serve us.  Many, like Hank Nava, a Fort Worth Police officer, have given their lives in service for the community.

My friend Larry was a police officer before he became a Pastor.  However, he continues to serve his fellow officers as a volunteer chaplain for his local police and fire stations.  Well done my friend!


So, here’s my question.  Who are you remembering this Memorial Day?  Feel free to tell us in the comment box below!

Photo source:  Eric Henderson