Using Social Media for Health Care

Social media and health care?

It can be done.

I love what Dr. Joseph Morrison is doing in Conway, AR for his practice.

Dr. Morrison
Dr. Morrison

First of all, his website is designed on WordPress.  That is a great beginning as WordPress makes it super easy to publish your own content and keep your site up-to-date.

Second, Dr. Morrison is making use of twitter and Facebook.  I actually met him through twitter as he engaged me in conversation.  Then, I went by to see him.  I found out that we shared the same home town and same home church!  Small world, huh?

Next, he is taking advantage of GeoSocial platforms such as Gowalla and Foursquare.  I was blown away when I saw a small, local business, a health care business, take advantage of GeoSocial Networking.  What a unique idea!

I instantly told him about several friends in Conway who use these platforms including Cotton Rohrscheib.  Dr. Morrison has some good ideas for using these platforms including a specific chair for whoever is mayor!

So, here is another way to support local businesses and engage in technology.  Follow Dr. Morrison on twitter and Facebook and be sure to “check in” when you arrive to his business.

Follow Dr. Morrison:

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