Five Strategies for Your Use of Facebook

Driving to my church homegroup last night, I saw a business sign which read, “Follow us on Facebook.”  The first question that came to my mind was, “Why?”

“Why should I follow you on Facebook?”

Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

I am a little bit of a sucker for following Facebook fan pages, probably because I have set up a few and know how hard it can be to get fans.  I do try to be a little discerning, but the fan page is for a friend, etc., I usually follow.  However, many people are harder to convince.  People’s time is a commodity we should never take for granted, even on Facebook.

Therefore, what kind of strategy do you have in place for your Facebook fan page? Is your goal to get a certain amount of followers?  Once you get your followers, then what will you do?

Many companies set up the Facebook account without any idea what they will use it for.  After all, there are over 400 million people on Facebook.

1.  Give something away

If you sell products, you might have a contest for fans to win something.  You got great products, right?  Everyone who “likes” your page can be entered in to a drawing for a free “fill in the blank.”  It worked well for a client of mine who increased her fans to well over 800 fans just by giving something away.

2.  Post links to your blog posts

You do blog don’t you?  Post the links to each individual blog post to your Facebook fan page.  A blog that offers advice or gives an “insider’s” view to your business has great value for customers.  Make sure your fans know about your blog!

3.  Post links to your website

This is self explanatory.  If your website is built around a blog, then #2 should work just fine.  Offer some kind of special at your website and promote it on your Facebook page.  The goal is, after all, to get people to your website to buy your product or become a member of your community.

4.  Post contact info

Do not neglect this!  Post a way for folks to contact you.  It is a customer service issue.  It can be sending them to your contact page at your website or posting an email address or phone number.  This is especially true if you do not have a website.  People need to know hours and other info too.

5.  Interact

When someone posts on your wall, respond!  This is the unique strategy of social media, interaction with fans/customers.  You can offer fans a chance to win something by posting on the wall, etc., but whatever you do, get your fans to interact.  And, then, join the discussion!  Facebook is a communication medium, and communication is a two-way street!

I hope this helps those of you trying to establish a Facebook page.  Having a Facebook fan page is an active process.  I hope you’re ready!