Five Reasons to Hire Me

There is more than one way for me to be hired, and this article should address these different ways.  You can hire me to do freelance work on a website or social media, or you might be interested in hiring me to work full time for you company.  It really doesn’t matter what you might want to hire me for, these five reasons transcend should transcend.

Professional Profile Picture
Todd E. Jones

1.  Maturity

I have been working since I was 17 years old.  I started working full time as an adult in 1994, so, as you can see, I have been working for 16 years.  I have done different kinds of jobs from filling vending machines, to counting money, putting up stock in a warehouse, checking out customers to building websites.  I have had my share of “life experiences” which has given me a bigger perspective on life.  Further, my faith keeps me grounded.

2.  Skills

There are several skills which I am fortunate to have, but three stand out.  I am skilled at building a positive relationship with customers.  Previous employments have left me with customers as friends.  I am skilled on the computer.  I can find my way around the directory in a computer working with several different kinds of programs.  I am adept to learning programs quickly.  Finally, I am skilled at setting up and maintaining WordPress websites.  WordPress is exploding as a website of choice for many different businesses as its benefits are being discovered.

3.  Initiative

I have taken initiative in many of my positions.  I have built and implemented websites which have filled unique niches, and I have been willing to take initiative to solve problems in other jobs.

4.  Communication

I have shown the ability to communicate effectively.  I have had articles published online at news websites such as and as well as successfully ran my own blogs.  Further, I have effectively communicated with many different people using the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

5.  Critical Thinking

All of my education has been in the area of liberal arts.  This training has given me the ability to think critically.  I have demonstrated the ability to think from multiple angles about an issue.

Now, what do you need to do?