Connecting Story to Your Mission

Chris Brogan has challenged his readers.  Therefore, I accept the challenge.  We are supposed to write a post about story.  Here is my post about story and from my perspective.

We all have a story.  My story, much like yours, contains comedy, romance and tragedy.  I have experienced them all in the past couple of years.

Church Building

In fact, folks resonate with us when we share our story.  However, I want to take it to a different level.  What if we connected our story to our mission–not just as a business person or writer–but our mission in life? What if we share our story for a different purpose? What if we share our stories in a way that transcends what we do to make a living?

For me, the most powerful story is Jesus.  Now, that story is engaged in my story.  God engaging in history–my history.  I haven’t always liked my history, but I have always respected one who would throw off the cloak or royalty and become a simple peasant to  give his life for a ragamuffin like me.

Because of God’s great love, I have decided to do this.  I believe that all churches should have an online presence.  There may be a rare example of one that doesn’t need one, but most do.  I am willing to help churches have an online presence by offering my services for 50% off what I would normally charge.  Further, if a church simply can’t pay that, we can make a different arrangement.  This will undoubtedly benefit small and start-up churches, and those are who I am looking at when I offer this.  Because of my time, I can only participate in a limited number projects at a time.  It makes no difference what denomination you are as long as you believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

I do not want a church to use being small or money as a reason to not have an online presence.  I will help you get a site up and running and train a volunteer and staff member to use the website.  If you desire, I will also set up a social media presence for you as well to integrate with your website.  I will then offer tech support for you and your website for six months.  All my services for a church or faith-based non profit will be 50% off plus the cost of hosting and domain registration.

Now, Chris, that is connecting my story, and God’s story, to my mission.  What do you think?